Ode to Women


Ode to Women, Maria Elena Bridal’s first online exclusive collection, seeks to speak to the complexity of a woman’s soul and provide diverse design patterns for juxtaposing personalities and styles. The collection combines striking and bright-colored designs alongside ethereal and traditional motifs.



Ode to Women is a collection inspired by the understanding that every woman has her own uniqueness and complexity of soul. Modern-day women are beautiful, yet strong. They’re not only kind; they’re also fearless leaders. They’re bold and soft. They’re free-spirited and sophisticated at the same time. They are everything all at once. Their souls and styles are as diverse as our society, and there lies their beauty. While some women look for intricate, grand designs, others gravitate towards an ethereal style and others seek bold motifs in vibrant colors. Ode to Women provides diverse design patterns for juxtaposing personalities and styles. That’s why every woman across the globe will be able to find in this collection a family heirloom that speaks to her soul.


Our most diverse collection to date launches at a time when celebrating and honoring diversity is more important than ever before. To all women across the globe, this one’s for you.