Lapel Pins

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Rustic Havana Lapel Pin detailed with Black & White Accents.


Golden flower boutonniere with white Mother of Pearl and Swarovski crystal details.


Silver boutonniere encrusted with Swarovski crystal elements.


Leaves motif silver boutonniere with dark and clear Swarovski crystals details and smoked Mother of Pearl.


Silver boutonniere with white Mother of Pearl, black cameo and Swarovski crystals.


Silver boutonniere with Mother of Pearl and Swarovski crystal accents. Also available in gold.


*Cuff Links not included.

Francis Lapel Pin

Our Francis lapel pin is for the elegant man looking to immortalize the classic flower lapel pin. We urge you to make it your next family heirloom and pass it down to your son as a staple of your legacy.

Completely hand-made in the USA by expert artisans and welders.

Harrison Lapel Pin

Our Harrison lapel pin is for the stylishly rugged man. Plated in silver and made with blue jean fabric, it’s perfect for that casual men’s outfit you’ve been wanting to add some flair too.

Completely hand-made in the USA by expert artisans and welders.

Monogram Lapel Pin

Our customizable Monogram lapel pin is for the ambitious, one-of-a-kind man looking to set himself apart from the rest. Plated in silver and embellished with grey and black diamond Swarovski crystals, it’s the epitome of one-of-a-kind luxury. Go on–we know you want to treat yourself. You deserve it after all that hard work… and just imagine the attention you’ll get from your colleagues when you enter that board room or gala.

Completely hand-made in the USA by expert artisans and welders.

James Lapel Pin

The sophisticated James lapel pin is for the suave man looking to add some flair to his timeless style. Plated in matte black and embellished with black and white mother of pearl, it’s the perfect complement to that classic men’s suit you’ve been looking to spruce up.

Completely hand-made in the USA by expert artisans and welders.


Silver boutonniere encrusted with Swarovski crystal rocks.



We know this is a difficult time for businesses, couples, and individuals alike. At Maria Elena, we are committed to helping our local, National, and International customers in the best way we can during this uncertain time. Over the last few days, we’ve thought long and hard about how to best give back and provide our customers peace of mind, happiness, and hope—as has always been our priority throughout the past 25 years.


In the hopes of providing care and comfort after disasters such as this pandemic, Maria Elena Headpieces is supporting COVID-19 relief efforts through the American Red Cross. We are donating 5% of all purchases made through our online shop from April 1st - June 30th to help the Red Cross deliver relief and hope.


Our main concern is the health and safety of our employees. For that reason, and in following the safety guidelines imposed by our local and federal government, we have shifted to a work from home policy. This is limiting our hours and flexibility, but we’re still producing and shipping pieces out in the hopes that our accessories will give our customers a glimmer of hope and happiness during these trying times.

EXISTING ORDERS (Placed as of March 30th):

If you placed an order through one of our retailers: For specific questions, please contact your store directly so they can further assist. We have already produced and shipped out all orders that our stores requested.

If you placed an order through our online shop: Don’t fret; it was already produced and shipped out to you. If for any reason, you have not received it, please email orders@mariaelenaheadpieces.com so we can see what’s up!


If you wish to place an order, you can certainly do so without hesitation. Look for the Maria Elena retailer that is closest to you (click the link in bio for a list of our retailers) and call or, better yet, DM them. Many stores are still taking Maria Elena Bridal orders via phone! Yay!

If there isn't a retailer in your area, feel free to visit our online shop or email orders@mariaelenaheadpieces.com or DM us through our Instagram page (@mariaelenaheadpieces) for assistance.⁣


It saddens us to postpone our Kinsley James Bridal Couture trunk show in April until a date that will be announced in the future.

Nonetheless, at the present time, all May trunk shows remain as scheduled. Should this change, we will announce it through our Instagram page. In the meantime, we encourage you keep your appointments, as you can score amazing deals when purchasing your headpiece and accessories during a trunk show event.⁣

If you have any other questions, feel free to DM us or email us directly (email in bio). Please stay safe among your family and closest loved ones. Remember to practice safe social distancing and that we’re just an email or DM away if you needs us!



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